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Stable door and swing and slide door

It's nice to be back to this beautiful house to finish it off with some brickwork, a stable door, and a swing and slide door on the back. What a fantastic end result.

Slide and swing doors are the latest in a long line of product innovations fitted by Haus. It’s quite simply a revelation in the way in which you can open doors, helping to maximise ventilation, without compromising on security. This slide and swing door system is simple and easy to operate.

Each pane is able to move independently of the others and can all be opened to create a large opening which gives uninterrupted views from inside your home.

Stable doors can be used in two ways, like a standard door, or you can detach the top of the door from the bottom, allowing the bottom of the door to stay closed whilst the top of the door is free to be opened. It is a door that gives you the best of both worlds, a door that can let fresh air into your home, whilst keeping small children and pets indoors.

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