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Conservatory Roof Conversion Fitted to the Highest Standard

Another conservatory roof conversion. No shortcuts taken here. A quality roof system, with Velux windows, fitted to the highest standard.

Designed to replace your existing conservatory's glass or polycarbonate roof, the Guardian Warm Roof System retains your original windows, door frames, walls, and is fully tested and approved to all thermal and structual standards.

A warm roof system is an insulated Conservatory Roof, with plastered internals to look like a normal room, and externally can be designed to match closely to your pitched roof on the rest of your property.

The layered insulation will make your conservatory 80% cooler in the summer and 80% warmer in the winter.

With building control approval, our high performance insulated roof conversions often allow the removal of the wall between the house and the conservatory, offering the flexibility to extend and enlarge an existing kitchen, living room or bedroom.

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