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Does Double Glazing Stop Condensation?

Understanding Condensation and Its Risks

Are your windows wet? You may be entitled to some condensation… All jokes aside, your home has to feel comfortable and there’s nothing worse than condensation causing problems like mould around your windows, especially in the colder months.

So, what causes condensation on windows? Condensation occurs when moisture in the air comes into contact with a cold surface – your windows – more so when it’s colder outside than inside. Condensation can happen on the outside or inside of your window panes and internal condensation happens when the seal is damaged.

While condensation isn’t an immediate problem, over time, regular occurrences can lead to serious issues such as dampness and mould growth. But how do you prevent condensation and does double glazing stop condensation on windows?

How Double Glazing Works to Prevent Condensation

By trapping a layer of air or inert gas between two panes of glass, double glazing minimises temperature variance by acting as an insulating barrier and preventing condensation. With condensation being the result of warm indoor air moisture condensing on the cooler glass surface of single-glazed windows, double glazing minimises the amount of cold surface area where moisture might form by keeping the inner pane of glass closer to room temperature. In addition, the spacer bar of the sealed unit is frequently loaded with a desiccant substance that absorbs any moisture from the air trapped between the panels, keeping the area dry.

Double glazing reduces heat loss from your home and is the prime choice for reducing condensation, as well as offering many other benefits, including sound insulation and adding value to your property.

Other Strategies for Condensation Management

There are several practical strategies for reducing and minimising condensation on your windows and other areas of your home, including your bathroom and kitchens. These tips are very useful as, in addition to dampness and mould growth, which can cause health problems such as wheezing, red and itchy eyes and even skin rashes, condensation can cause the paint and varnish on your wooden frames to peel.

Insufficient ventilation is the main cause of condensation and improving ventilation can stabilise the humidity of your home. The best way to ventilate your home is to, well, keep your windows open. Sliding sash windows allow for effective ventilation thanks to the top and bottom being opened. Most modern windows now have multi-point locking for this exact purpose, allowing you to securely leave windows open with a small gap for ventilation.

If you are getting a lot of condensation while cooking, having a functioning and powerful extractor fan can help moderate the humidity in your kitchen. For more information on maintaining your home, check out our handy guide on caring for windows, doors and roofs.

Other strategies include:

  • Utilise a dehumidifier to draw out moisture
  • Adjust your heating to a constant low heat temperature
  • Open windows when cooking or taking hot showers
  • Leave curtains and blinds undrawn during the night

Dealing with Condensation Inside Double-Glazed Windows

Sometimes, condensation occurs inside double-glazed windows, rather than on the panel inside your home or the one facing the outside. Double-glazed windows internally retain very little moisture. To stop moisture from forming on the inside, a crystalline desiccant is positioned within the spacer bar to prevent moisture from building up on the glass inside. The interior space between the panes is kept dry by the desiccant, which extracts moisture from the air gap. If this is broken or damaged, condensation will start to form.

Does new double glazing stop condensation? The good news is new double-glazed windows won’t ever have condensation forming on the inside of the windows. If this does happen after new double-glazed windows are installed, you’ll need to get in touch with whoever installed them or consult the manufacturer’s warranty.

Say Goodbye to Condensation with Haus Installations

At Haus Installations, we are leading door and window replacement specialists who can fit premium double-glazing in a variety of window styles for your home, helping to tackle your condensation issues. Our double-glazing is made to last, and your newly installed windows will never have condensation forming on the inside of the panels. Benefit from our service by getting in touch and get a free quote.

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