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Veranda Installation in Worcester

Our range of verandas are able to span up to a massive 6 metres from post to post which means that the view is never compromised. Highly versatile and cost-effective.
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Crafting Your Ideal Year-Round Outdoor Area with an Elegant Veranda

Haus offers a range of innovative and truly stunning outdoor living systems that will enhance and add value to any home, creating a more sheltered and comfortable garden space, whatever the weather.

With a range of upgrades and accessories available, including LED lighting, glazing options, heating, drainage solutions, and more, our veranda systems can be easily tailored to your requirements. When considering double glazing in Worcester, our verandas provide an excellent solution for enhancing both the aesthetics and functionality of your home.

Easy and quick to install, all Haus verandas are supplied with a 10 year guarantee and a minimum 25 year life expectancy.

Why Have a Veranda Installed?

  • Extend Your Living Space: A veranda can create extra living areas for you to enjoy all year round especially when used with the added extras such as heaters and lighting to further enhance your outside space.
  • Shelter from the Weather: As our verandas can be used whatever the weather, you can enjoy the outside area even in wet weather instead of grabbing an umbrella to stand under.
  • Additional Home Storage: Verandas offer a handy solution for storing outside products and furniture, protecting them from various issues such as bird droppings, tree sap, snow, rain and UV rays that may cause fading damage to their products.
  • Increased Property Value: A high quality structure installed at your home will add value to your property in the future when they decide to sell.
  • Extend Your Party Time: Outdoor parties are very popular especially during the summer but the weather can never be guaranteed so having a veranda fitted will ensure that the rain will not ruin your parties, or indeed if it’s too hot as your veranda can provide shade when it’s just too hot to be out in it. So a shaded and sheltered veranda area will help to keep your party atmosphere rocking.
  • Keep Home Carpets & Flooring Clean: Verandas are especially useful, during times when it’s wet and muddy and you have to wear your boots outside; you can simply slip your boots off under the veranda before entering the house, thus keeping flooring clean and you don’t have to worry about your boots getting wet inside, as they will be protected by the veranda.
  • UV Rays Protection: Depending on the roof choice you decide, as mentioned previously, the roofing on our verandas have a high UV protective filter, which will protect you and your family during the hotter months of the year.
  • Enjoyment for All You Romantic Star Gazers: The toughened glass roofing panels on the verandas we manufacture, make it easy to see the stars during the evening and makes for a romantic Alfresco meal outside, under a romantic starry night.
  • Peace of Mind is Guaranteed: Because our veranda are guaranteed for 10 years, with an expected life of 25 years, if you use one of our verandas, you will have complete peace of mind that you’re using a reliable and long lasting product, that will last for many years to come.

Why choose Haus


Our specialised conservatory installation teams are fully trained to the highest standards and work with all our conservatory, windows, doors and warm roof products day in and out. The conservatory teams our some of our most experienced professionals which leads to less mistakes and a higher standard of work.

Our highly trained conservatory fitters take great pride in their work, and attention to detail with the highest levels of workmanship are key to Haus installations ethos.

The evidence is our Installations.


A new conservatory will increase space and add a popular feature to your property which buyers are looking for when searching for their next home. Adding a warm roof to your conservatory makes it enjoyable all year round, modern and welcoming. Adding value to your property and improving the look of your home.

Plus all our fittings come with our Happy Haus guarantee and 20 year guarantee on materials.


See for yourself our range of great reviews from previous Happy Hauses. 5 star ratings on CheckaTrade, Trust a Trader, Yell, Google Reviews and Facebook! View our reviews.

We strive to be the very best conservatory and warm roof fitting business in Worcestershire and with hundreds of Happy Hauses we are positive we are very good at what we do and your house will be a Happy Haus too.

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With 6 styles to choose from and numerous upgrades and feautes we can install the perfect Veranda for your home.
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