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Replacement Conservatory Roofs with
Warm Roofs 

Your conservatory might be a beautiful place to sit, but are you finding it’s sweltering in the summer and freezing in the winter? We can help. Haus Installations can fit advanced materials designed to create warm roofs for conservatories.
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Guardian Warm Roofs

We are a leading supplier and fitter of Guardian Warm Roofs in Worcester. The Guardian system is a high performance, lightweight roof system that transforms the thermal characteristics of your conservatory.

Without compromising on the 180˚ view that your conservatory offers, the warm roof system will provide an attractive insulating cap over the top of it, helping retain heat in the winter and reduce your energy bills, and minimise sun heating in the summer, by 80% in both cases.

Externally, the warm roof will match the tiled appearance of your house roof, and internally, it will have a smart plaster finish like your other ceilings and can be fitted with skylights to retain some of the vertical light and blue sky views.

With a Guardian system installation, it’s even possible to obtain building control approval to remove the wall between your house and your conservatory, meaning you can blend one space into another and expand the adjacent room.

Finishing Touches

Metrotile is the ideal choice for your Guardian™ Warm Roof, adding style, performance and a range of colours to complement virtually any UK house style.

Metrotile is made from lightweight high-grade steel with Aluzinc® coating for incredible strength and resistance, and features a unique ‘hidden fix’ feature that leaves no nails exposed to corrosion. There are two versions of Metrotile and both are ideal partners for the Guardian™ Warm Roof. Plus, the Metrotile Shingle comes complete with a 40-year guarantee.

However, if you’re looking for a slate finish, then the versatile and beautiful TapcoSlate is an ideal option.

Metrotile Esprit Shingle
Sleek and geometrically precise, these are perfect for the modern building or conservatory roof.

Metrotile Shingle
An extremely versatile profile with the appearance of a small riven slate.

Easy to install, these are much more than just a lightweight alternative to real slate.

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Why choose a
Warm Roof?


A warm roof will retain heat up to 80% better, with a superior U-value of just 0.18 W/m.K (England and Wales), and will keep your conservatory cooler in the summer, reducing strain on your AC system.


Having a conservatory warm roof replacement is like throwing a blanket over your conservatory. It’ll retain heat in the winter, and protect from the baking sun in the summer, helping to maintain a consistent, comfortable temperature year-round.


The additional insulation offered by your warm roof will also help protect your conservatory from loud noises, including the hammering sound of rain that plagues traditional conservatory roofs.

Lantern Roofs

We also supply and fit Guardian’s innovative lantern roof systems, designed to offer similar benefits to their other warm roof options while allowing natural light to enter your conservatory. 

Their thermally efficient design uses a lightweight, weather-resistant aluminium frame for premium aesthetic and improved performance. 

- Up to 65% more thermally efficient than other roof lantern     systems 
- Durable, corrosion resistant aluminium frame 
- 20˚ pitch and discreet cappings create a clean, modern look 
- 66% smaller ridge than other systems for a tidier aesthetic 
- Available in 2-way, 3-way or contemporary designs
More thermally efficient than conventional aluminium roof systems
Hard wearing aluminium axterior for a premium, architectural look
20° pitch and discreet cappings create an incredibly clean and modern look
66% smaller ridge than standard systems for beautiful aesthetics
2 way, 3 way or contemporary designs available

Why choose Haus


We employ specialised, qualified conservatory teams who work exclusively with our range of conservatory products including windows, doors and warm roofs. Thanks to this focus, they’re experts in the fitting of conservatory warm roof replacements and offer exceptionally high standards of workmanship.

See our work firsthand by checking out some of our Happy Hauses.


Adding a conservatory to your home is a proven way to increase its value, and making your space more thermally efficient, comfortable and usable will increase it further.

Better yet, all of our installations come with our famous Happy Haus guarantee and a 20-year guarantee on materials.


Our services, including our warm roof installations, come highly recommended. With countless five star ratings across Checkatrade, TrustATrader, Yell, Google Reviews and Facebook, we’ve worked hard to build a reputation as the trusted provider of warm roofs in Worcester and beyond.

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We have a specialised conservatories team and can upgrade your conservatory roof to a warm roof today.
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