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Looking after your Aluminium products

How to Clean and Maintain the Aluminium Frames

Powder-finished aluminium doesn’t corrode easily and, as such, it’s a really easy material to clean to good effect with minimal effort. A powder coating protects the aluminium frame from scratches and abrasions.

Much like a non-stick pan, when thinking about how best to maintain your aluminium windows or door frames, be careful not to use abrasive sponges or cloths when scrubbing.

Harsh cleaning products should also be avoided. Anything containing bleach or other strong chemicals should be used very sparingly or, ideally, not at all.

Regular light cleaning will ensure your aluminium window frames are maintained to a high standard anyway, so you shouldn’t feel the need to use a deep-cleaning product. A household detergent and warm water wiped across the frames should do the job without any issues. What’s more, aluminium frames are usually very narrow to ensure maximum natural light, so cleaning the frames won’t take long in most cases.

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