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Looking after your Glass

Caring For Your Window Glazing

A regular cleaning schedule is important to keep your glazing looking its best, but it can also help to maximize the performance of your windows.

Most manufacturers recommend that you give your windows a thorough clean at least once per year in normal conditions.

However, if you live on the coast or in any other conditions where windows are more likely to get covered in  salt water on a regular basis, it might be necessary to clean them once a month or two for optimal performance and appearance.

General Cleaning

With windows featuring standard glass, occasional cleaning with washing-up liquid and water is necessary.

Be sure to avoid using a high-pressure hose, however, since this may cause damage to the seals and sealant between the glazing and the frames.

After cleaning the surfaces thoroughly with soap and water, rinse thoroughly and wipe down with a clean, dry cloth.

Glass Standards

National Federation of Glaziers has created a guideline to the acceptable standards of glass units which we adhere to.

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