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Roofline Replacement Worcester

Our range of high-quality roofline replacements in Worcester includes modern and classically influenced designs, all made using the latest materials to help keep your home’s aesthetic and integrity intact for years to come.
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UPVC Roofline Replacement in Worcester

Over time, rooflines become damaged through exposure to natural forces such as moisture, wind and sunlight, and wooden rooflines are particularly prone to weakening, often allowing damp to seep into your roof for years before signs of damage are visible.

Our UPVC rooflines, guttering, fascias and soffits for Worcester homes are made using cutting-edge materials that offer vastly improved durability as well as a range of contemporary and classic styles. That means no more damp, no more painting and no more flaking – you can just wipe them clean if they start to look grubby.

There are some key signs that your roofline might be damaged:
- Rotting or flaking wood
- Blistering paint
- Rust or watermarks
- Animal droppings
- Exposed brick or timber without paint

While you might be able to spot some of these yourself, the best way to know for sure is to call in a professional. One of our expert installers can conduct a thorough, up-close inspection of your roofline, identifying potential issues or hazards, before providing you with a bespoke quote for any necessary repairs.

We have replaced thousands of metres of roofline across Worcester, upgrading countless homes to help protect or enhance their unique characteristics while ensuring long-term integrity by keeping the weather out. If you’re also searching for windows for your Worcester property, all of our UPVC roofline options can be accurately colour matched with our window frame range for a seamless new look for your home.

Why choose Haus


At Haus Installations, we offer a supreme commitment to the quality of our workmanship, as well as some of the best materials and design options available, including mock Tudor, matching Worcester’s historic appeal. We operate dedicated teams to handle all types of fascias, rooflines, soffits and guttering in Worcester, meaning a specialised team that delivers outstanding results.

The evidence is in our countless successful projects across Worcester and the surrounding areas.


Not only do UPVC rooflines add a refreshed look to your home, which adds value in itself, but they also offer improved durability compared to wooden alternatives, putting an end to the cycle of flaky paintwork and painstaking painting.

Both to you and your home’s potential next buyer, this is a feature worth paying for, especially when it’s backed by our 20-year material guarantee.


Best of all, our roofline replacements in Worcester come highly recommended – we’re a Which? Trusted Trader, with five-star reviews on both Facebook and Google.

Rest assured that you’re in good hands with Haus Installations. Let us make your house a Happy Haus.

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