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The Timeless Charm of Bay Windows

Dating back to the mansions of the late 15th century English Renaissance, bay windows are a classically elegant touch that elevates the appearance of any home while adding light and space. They’ve been in use for hundreds of years and can be seen on homes of all ages.

By adding bay windows, homeowners stand to create brighter, airier spaces in their homes, as well as increase their value.

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Bow Windows - Elegance and Space Combined

Bow windows are a more recent architectural innovation, coming to prominence in the 18th century, and are more rounded than their bay counterparts. Much like bay windows, bow windows are a means to add light and space to a home, as well as a historical design nod. With the addition of bow windows, homeowners can tap into the city’s rich history and boost curb appeal.

Unique Bay Window Features

Bay windows are typically a three-panel design, with sections of flat glass formed into a bay shape that extrudes from the home, usually without connecting with the ground. This adds physical space to a room, which can be used as a window seat or decorated as a feature, as well as allowing light into your home from three angles.  


Bow Windows - A Curved Elegance

Bow windows serve a similar purpose with regards to light and space, but are curved, rather than angular. They’re reflective of newer architectural techniques compared with bay windows and were popular features of stately homes in the 1700s and 1800s as a pleasant source of light but also as a show of design finesse.

Why Choose Bay and Bow Windows for Your Home

Both bay and bow windows are an effective way to add a touch of historical elegance to your home. They both allow extra daylight to enter your home and give you an additional space which can even serve as a comfortable place to sit.

Light Up Your Home

Bay windows have multiple advantages, including providing a much larger, three-panel aperture through which more light can enter your home, illuminating the space, and making it brighter. They also bring a flair of classical architecture to your home, which, particularly in historical areas, really makes it stand out from plainer new builds.

A Space-Expanding Solution

Bow windows have similar advantages to bay windows, but with a different appearance that might lend itself better to some buildings than others. Bow windows also add space to your home, increasing the usable area of the room they’re placed in. This space can be decorated with ornaments and curtains or blinds, as well as potentially serving as a bright seating area.

Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal

The UK is rooted in history and lends itself well to classical architectural touches. Bay windows are a perfect example of this and serve to accentuate existing historical features or add classical design cues to newer properties, allowing them to blend more easily with their older surroundings.

Bay Windows - The Curb Appeal Enhancers

Thanks to their grounding in classical architecture, bay windows are a sought-after feature for home buyers, and adding a bay window to your home can increase its market value as well as give it a historically-inspired appearance that you can be proud of.

Bow Windows - A Distinctive Exterior Touch

Bow windows are an easy way to stand out. Fewer homes feature bow windows compared with bay windows, and their 18th century heritage twinned with their relative exclusivity makes them a desirable addition to any home.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Bay and bow windows - what are they?

Both bay and bow windows are window sections that extrude from a building, creating a bay-like space inside. Both have roots in Renaissance architecture.

How much are bay and bow windows?

The price of bay and bow windows will vary based on the size of the window to be fitted as well as the complexity of the installation.

How are bay and bow windows different?

Bay windows are made up of sections of windowpanes, usually three, whereas bow windows are curved, not angular.

What styles of bay and bow windows are available?

At Haus Installations, we supply a variety of bay and bow windows, so you can select the right fit for your home.

Is planning permission required for bay and bow windows?

To add bay and bow windows to the front of your home, you will need planning permission. If you’re intending to add them to the side or rear of the property, you may not, but you should always check with your local planning authority.
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