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Classic Elegance Meets Modern Efficiency

When something fashionable in the Georgian period was resurrected in the Victorian era, carried through Edwardian times and is still seen as a stylish yet functional part of architectural home design today, you have to accept that sometimes they get things right the first time – and sliding sash windows are such a thing. The traditional classical aesthetics have remained the same, bringing timeless class and elegance to many buildings but the windows themselves have been developed for enhanced energy efficiency, including double or triple glazing, high-quality seals, low-emission glass and tighter fitting sashes reducing gaps and potential for drafts.

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Why Choose UPVC Sliding Sash Windows?

Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride (UPVC) sliding sash windows offer several benefits, making them a popular choice for both new constructions and replacements in existing buildings.

Low Maintenance

UPVC sliding sash windows require very little maintenance compared to traditional wood sash windows. They do not need to be painted or varnished and are resistant to weathering, warping and rotting. Cleaning them is as simple as wiping them down with a cloth.  


Durable & Weather Resistant

UPVC is a highly durable material, resistant to corrosion, rot and pests, helping the sliding sash windows have a long lifespan with minimal degradation.  UPVC is highly resistant to various weather conditions, including rain, wind and sun. Unlike wood, it does not swell, warp or crack in extreme weather, maintaining its integrity over time.  


Typically, UPVC sliding sash windows are more affordable than wooden or aluminium alternatives. This cost-effectiveness, combined with their durability and low maintenance needs, makes them an economically attractive option 

Efficiency and Style Combined: UPVC Sliding Sash Windows

Elevate Your Home's Aesthetics

Modern UPVC sliding sash windows are available in a range of finishes and colours, including options designed to mimic the appearance of traditional timbers. This gives them the versatility to be used in various architectural designs from contemporary to classical. Installing high-quality UPVC sliding sash windows can enhance the overall value and appeal of a property, even more so when it improves energy efficiency and lowers household running costs.

Energy Efficiency & A Greener Choice

UPVC is an excellent insulator and, when combined with double or triple glazing, can significantly improve the thermal efficiency of a building, helping to reduce heating and cooling costs. 
While UPVC is a plastic product, advances in recycling technologies mean that UPVC windows can be recycled and reused at the end of their lifespan, reducing their environmental impact.

Added Security & Insulation

UPVC sliding sash windows can be fitted with high-quality locks and robust hardware. The strength of the material, combined with these security features, can enhance the overall security of your property. 
UPVC windows, especially when double or triple-glazed, offer excellent sound insulation. This makes them an ideal choice for homes in noisy areas, such as built-up areas or busy streets.

10-Year Guarantee

At Haus Installations, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with long-lasting, high-quality storm casement windows with a 10-year guarantee, on your frames, glass and handles. – you can rest assured your stormproof casement windows will be exactly that, stormproof. We ensure your every need is met with our customer care and our commitment to ensuring product durability is unwavering.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you double-glaze existing sash windows?

Absolutely. The process of double-glazing existing sash windows involves fitting a second layer of glass into the existing frame or replacing the single panes with double-glazed units.

Can you insulate sash windows?

Yes, you can insulate sliding sash windows to improve their energy efficiency and reduce drafts, insulating these types of windows can be a bit challenging due to their design, but there are methods to achieve this.

What are timber sash windows made from?

Timber sash windows can be made from a range of woods, including Pine, Accoya, Mahogany, Oak and more. UPVC sliding sash windows can be finished to imitate to appearance of natural wood.

How do you measure up for sash replacement windows?

To ensure a precise fit for your new windows, it is always recommended people employ the services of a professional to be certain all measurements are taken and correct.

Can you soundproof sash windows?

Yes, you can soundproof sash windows, which is particularly useful in noisy environments or for buildings in busy urban areas. Soundproofing sash windows can be difficult due to their design but there are methods to achieve this. Please contact our team to find out more.

How do you know when it's time to replace windows?

There are a handful of signs to look for when you think your windows might need replacing.
Feeling a draught from the window
Condensation between the panes or mould around the window
Issues opening and closing
Increased noise pollution

How long does it take to replace one window?

Depending on your individual needs, the replacement of glass or the replacement of a single window may take a few hours. If you want to know more about our window replacement options, then contact us online or by phone.
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